Singing Bowl Atmospheric Balancing

Gain physical, mental and emotional cleansing, healing and nourishment

  • 30 minutes
  • 55 US dollars
  • Zoom or In person

Service Description

Your private session may bring you physical, mental and emotional cleansing, healing and nourishment through intention and the powerful vibrations of the singing bowls. If you presently have an injury or emotional wound, you can make this your focus during your session. You may embrace your personal session as a wonderful adventure exploring your personal energies and aura as you allow the beautiful sounds and vibrations to wash through you bringing deep peace and inner balance. Quartz crystal healing brings to you a physical, emotional and spiritual healing which very few alternate healing tools offer. The meditative healing of a crystal singing bowl resonates, expands and creates harmony. Chakra singing bowl healing and crystal singing bowl meditation nearly instantly reduce stress and tension and, create a relaxed and meditative state. It is from that point where healing the mind and body can begin. Quartz crystal singing bowls enhance meditation, intuition, relaxation and bodywork. They are powerful for music therapy, chakra system balancing, emotional release and clearing of people and places. Singing bowls enliven ceremony, celebration and ritual, as well as provide the perfect vibration for working in nature with the Earth. BENEFITS OF A CRYSTAL SINGING BOWLS The effects of crystal singing bowls are immediate: • Chakra Healing • Spiritual Healing • Instantaneous Relaxation • Energetic Balance • Establish a Healthy Environment WHO CAN BENEFIT FROM CRYSTAL SINGING BOWLS • Individuals who want to quickly bring themselves into a relax state • Great enhancement for Meditation and your yoga practice • Those who want to balance their chakras and energy body Everyone can benefit from crystal healing singing bowls. Most of us have only a small amount of pure, clear, healing sound in our lives. Our ears no longer get a daily exposure to running streams, bird songs, and the rustling leaves in the forest. We are too often inside, with this beautiful natural music replaced by the hum of computers, the whoosh of the air conditioner, and the high-pitched whine of fluorescent lights. This is the opposite of healing sound! We grow accustomed to tuning out these noises, along with construction, traffic, crowds, and commercials, so that they don’t intrude into our space. Since we don’t have “earlids” to close, we shut the sound out with our minds, which can get to be an unhealthy habit that extends to tuning out beneficial sound, too.

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