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Feng shui is all about making an effort to connect to your home.

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Feng shui places great importance on the center area of your home, also referred to as the "heart of the home." It is the sacred feng shui energy spot from where all the other energies of your home originate. Keeping the center of your home bright, clean, and clutter-free is a must to encourage good feng shui energy throughout your space. But there are many other feng shui principles to follow when it comes to creating a harmonious family home. Your Home Bagua Your home is divided into the bagua, or feng shui energy map of the space. Within the bagua, there are eight areas that are connected to certain aspects of your life. The classical bagua uses compass readings to define your areas: • North: Career and life path • Northeast: Spiritual growth • East: Health and family • Southeast: Wealth and abundance • South: Fame and reputation • Southwest: Love and marriage • West: Creativity and children • Northwest: Helpful people To successfully apply feng shui in your home, it is necessary to know your home bagua. Each bagua area is linked to a specific feng shui element and its corresponding colors and shapes. For example, the east area of your space, otherwise known as the health and family bagua area, is linked to the wood element. Wood is expressed with green and brown colors and rectangular shapes. So to bring good feng shui energy to the east bagua area and improve the health and family aspects of your life, use decor that strengthens the wood element. Some options include wooden furniture, lush plants, and even green or brown wall paint.

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